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Our best-selling essentials are wrapped up in a bundle. A complete recipe for a fresh mouth! The best present for your loved ones. If you’re looking for a complete oral care gift, here’s the ticket.

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Brush teeth like never before

Our Super UVC Sanitizazation technology brings you a new & clean brushing experience. SOOCAS has been clinically proven to provide up to 99.99% sanitization rate in 5 mins.

Let smile be your attraction

  • 99.99% Sanitization rate

  • 180 days battery life for travel

  • 12 Clean choices

  • Whiten teeth up 38.57% in 4 weeks

  • Removes up to 20x plaque

  • Kind to beginner/sensitive

Dentist clean standard at home

  • Reach 40% mouth blind area

  • 7 flossing clean experience

  • 4 hours charging, 80 days brush

  • Stable support 1300 pulse times/min

  • 240ML (8.1fl.oz) Detachable Water Tank

  • Great for travel

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Can UVC toothbrush Sanitizer really kill bacteria?

Yes, the UVC sanitize effect up to 99.99%, and the sanitization rate of different strains may be different, which is safer and healthier than other sterilization products on the market.

Can other toothbrushes share the UVC toothbrush sanitizer

Not recommended to share. Because the buckle and load-bearing of the sanitizer are specially developed to match the Soocas electric toothbrush.

Can I not change the brush head after sanitize?

It is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months according to the dentist. The X3 Pro will kill bacteria on toothbrush regularly to make the electric toothbrush more hygiene. However, the bristles will be deformed & worn, which the cleaning power of brushing your teeth can even damage your gums, so you still need to regularly update brush head.

Can I use this oral flosserwith braces?

Yes, SOOCAS W3 PRO electric water flosser is fitted with an orthodontic tip exclusively for users wearing braces, which can deeply clean the residual dirt in the braces.

Why does my gums bleed during use?

Gum bleeding may occur during the first use of the dental flusher. This is a normal phenomenon because most people have different degrees of inflammation in the gums. The gingival sulcus is filled for a long time, and the bleeding symptoms are caused by suddenly being washed away and cleaned. It is recommended to stick to the Soocas water flosser, and use the slow strength of the standard mode to rinse the teeth, then use the slow strength of the gum protection mode to massage the gums. Use the correct posture for 1-2 weeks. The bleeding of the gums will generally be improved. If there is still bleeding for more than 2 weeks, it means that your gums may be abnormal. Please stop using it and consult a dentist in time.

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